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I was reading the Guardian this morning becoming quite depressed at the state of the world and how badly this government has handled the pandemic. I read the letter from Wendy Mulville (Let’s set out a better vision for Britain’s future, 26 May) and it brought tears to my eyes. Being of a similar generation, my experience is similar, and it was lovely to read such positivity in relation to our younger generation. Yes they are an impressive lot and can create a better future starting now and culminating in a change of government in 2024.
Jeff Parker
West Bridgford, Nottinghamshire

o As lockdown loosens, it is time to open mosques, churches, synagogues and temples. Religions are beacons of tolerance, compassion, altruism, social justice and acceptance of the other. We are in desperate need of these ideals amid the coronavirus wreckage.
Dr Munjed Farid Al Qutob

o We have had an albino pheasant visiting our garden since September (Letters, 24 May). He struts about waiting to be fed. If we are late he sits on the kitchen windowsill looking in. In the evenings he visits again and stares in through the glazed door. We have chosen Claude as a suitable name for such a splendid bird.
Susan Glanville
Olney, Buckinghamshire

o When seeing your country diary headline (The tale of a tit with supreme agility, 27 May). I thought you had mistakenly put a letter on Dominic Cummings in the wrong place. Alas, no.
Pete Francis
Colne, Lancashire

o Is it safe to say we’re no longer in lockdown, we’re now in meltdown?
Jeanie Moyo

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