Tree of the week: ‘They say this oak was used for hangings’


A sinister rumour is attached to this noble tree in Nottingham, but for the city’s young adults with disabilities, it represents something much more joyous

Since Ian Jenkins started as a support worker at the Martin Jackaman Centre, a social care centre for adults with disabilities in Aspley, Nottingham, he has been enraptured by the 30-metre (100ft)-high oak tree that overlooks it. “It definitely stands out,” he says. “It’s so tall and striking that it literally overshadows the centre.”

However, not everyone who works at the Martin Jackaman feels quite so positive. “A branch fell off and hit a member of staff last year,” Jenkins says. “She wasn’t badly hurt, but she wanted to have the tree cut down. We said: ‘It’s over 200 years old – there’s no way you can do that!’”

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