Tree of the week: a sycamore on Game of Thrones’ Slaver’s Bay


Fantasy fans have flocked to Murlough Bay in County Antrim since it was used as a location for the epic drama. But Kieran Meeke has loved it all his life

Kieran Meeke’s favourite tree stands on a headland at Murlough Bay on the County Antrim coastline in Northern Ireland. The beauty spot was a key location in Game of Thrones and the TV show’s fans have since flocked to what they know as “Slaver’s Bay”. “But I’ve been coming here since I was a child,” the 67-year-old says, “and it remains a very special spot.”

He has come to terms with the fact that his secret is out. “Tourism, as we’ve all discovered in the pandemic, is a very important part of the economy,” he says. “Anything that brings in employment is great.”

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