Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine Gets Approved… in the UK!?


Humanity has finally made a significant step in medical advancements, with Pfizer and BioNTech’s COVID-19 vaccine being the FIRST to be officially given the green light in the form of an emergency use approval.

Moreover, another milestone was reached: The United Kingdom was the first developed nation to grant this regulatory approval. As of this writing, the vaccine is still under regulatory review by the US Food and Drug Administration.

(Side note: Isn’t funny that an AMERICAN company got approved in BRITAIN?)

So as of yesterday’s afternoon, we now have a COVID-19 vaccine that is 95% effective based on full review of a large-scale Phase III clinical trial involving over 43,000 participants.

A spokesperson from the UK government had this to say about how the vaccine will be distributed going forward:

“The vaccine will be made available across the UK from next week. The NHS has decades of experience in delivering large scale vaccination programmes and will begin putting their extensive preparations into action to provide care and support to all those eligible for vaccination.”

Priority will obviously be given to frontline health workers and frail seniors (>80 years old), with the two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine spread out over the course of a month. 50 million doses will be distributed before 2020 wraps up, and 2021 will ideally see over 1 billion doses being produced.

And for those you still wondering why the US is lagging behind…

Forbes does an excellent job of explaining just why it was that the UK was able to pull ahead of the US despite the Trump administration’s “Operation Warp Speed” project for accelerating the distribution and development of a COVID-19 vaccine:

“…the US is simply acting at a slower pace than the UK, which has been able to pull ahead for a number of practical and logistical reasons.

The MHRA, Britain’s medicines regulator, reviewed evidence from pharmaceutical companies on a rolling basis and was able to ask questions and consult specialists along the way, while Brexit has allowed it to take unilateral action as opposed to acting in accordance with EU timelines.

In the US, however, the FDA has a few more logistical hurdles to clear, including completing an internal assessment of the data provided to it by Pfizer, and consulting an external advisory board prior to making any decision, all of which will take time to organize and complete.”

Now it’s time to see how the COVID-19 vaccine works in the real world – hopefully we won’t see any unfortunate long-term side effects appear, or else it will make the UK’s approval look like a rushed job done carelessly.

What do YOU think about this news regarding the COVID-19 vaccine from Pfizer? Can the results from their clinical trials be replicated across hundreds of millions of people? Reply to this newsletter and share your prediction with us!

Next Week, Russians Will Start Getting Vaccinated for COVID-19

Amidst all of the news about the COVID-19 vaccine developments in the USA, we can’t forget about the Russians. They still have a spot in the “vaccine race” with their Sputnik V candidate, and the country could start its mass-scale vaccinations as early as next week. 

And Putin isn’t hesitating to re-gain first place in this race. See, Sputnik V may have received regulatory approval from the relevant Russian health authorities, but this was done BEFORE Phase III clinical trials began (unlike Pfizer and BioNTech, who have theirs fully completed).

President Vladimir Putin had this to say about the initiative on a teleconference call that took place yesterday:

“Over two million doses have been produced or will have been produced in the next few days. The first registered vaccine against the coronavirus infection in the world, Sputnik V, will reach this level of production. This allows us to begin — if not mass — a large-scale vaccination.”

The vaccine shots are being given out for free and are completely voluntary. To date, over 100,000 Russians have received the Sputnik V vaccine. As for prioritizing who gets it first, Putin intends to primarily target teachers and medics.

Hang on tight to your seats, folks. The vaccine race is just getting started!

Sub-Zero Freezers for Storing COVID-19 Vaccines Are Selling Out FAST!

If you’ve read up on the COVID-19 vaccines being pushed by pharmaceutical companies Moderna and Pfizer, you’ll probably remember that both medications MUST be stored in sub-zero temperatures in order to keep them stable. In particular, Pfizer’s candidate requires a temperature of -70 degrees Celsius.

This has automatically led to healthcare facilities and hospitals all across America panic-buying up every ultra-cold freezer they can get their hands on.

Dean Hensler just happens to be the vice president of one of the companies selling these freezers (So-Low), and he just reported that “right now we are out of everything” on CNBC:

“Our phones started ringing off the hook the day it… got out to the public. That inventory we had built was gone like in three weeks, so now we’re building everything per order… We’re running about six to eight weeks on delivery right now. It’s been crazy. It’s been crazy.

We’re going to work Friday after Thanksgiving… The quicker we can get freezers out, the more people can get vaccinated, and we can get back to the old normal, rather than this new normal.”

We don’t know for sure if Pfizer will receive “emergency use approval” status from the FDA come next week, but people are refusing to take any chances. Because if the green light is lit, the vaccine could be shipped out within mere hours of this news.

What can I say? People really, REALLY want this vaccine!

So Who Will Be the FIRST Americans to Get Vaccinated for COVID-19?

If COVID-19 was the major overarching theme for 2020, then it’s looking an awful lot like the COVID-19 vaccine will be the #1 news story of 2021.

Like it or not, the vaccine is coming and it will be a part of our everyday lives. So the only question left to ask is which group of Americans will be first in line to get injected with dose #1.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently consulted with the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, who overwhelmingly voted that seniors living in long-term care facilities and front-line healthcare workers should be the ones who get priority.

For context, there are roughly 3 million American seniors living in care facilities and roughly 21 million American healthcare workers. Considering that the COVID-19 vaccine will require two doses per person, that means we will need a grand total of 48 million doses produced by the end of 2020.

No additional comments on the other groups of Americans who will be second in line to receive the vaccine, but it’s reasonable to say that healthy adults will be last in line.

Get ready to roll up your sleeves, America!

The HARDEST Months of the COVID-19 Pandemic Are Coming, Says the CDC

So far in today’s newsletter, you’ve seen nothing but good news about the accelerated development and distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine.

But even with all of the positive developments, health officials have a very dark view of how the COVID-19 pandemic will play out in the future. One of the most concerned voices happens to be Dr. Redfield, the director at the CDC.

At an event hosted by the US Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday, he had the following comments to make:

“So we are at a very critical time right now about being able to maintain the resilience of our health-care system… The reality is December and January and February are going to be rough times. I actually believe they’re going to be the most difficult in the public health history of this nation, largely because of the stress that’s going to be put on our health-care system.

The mortality concerns are real… And I do think unfortunately, before we see February, we could be close to 450,000 Americans [who] have died from this virus.”

Dr. Redfield also pointed out that “90% of long-term care facilities are in areas with high level of spread” and “90% of hospitals in the country are in ‘hot zones’ and the red zones.”

I can’t really put a positive spin on anything he’s said, and one of his final predictions doesn’t help paint the picture of a brighter future: In the mind of Dr. Redfield, we will not see large gatherings of people be allowed until Fall 2021.

So from this – and I REALLY hate to say this – we will be looking at an additional year of lockdowns and restrictions.

“Diversity” Has Fully Infected the Highest Levels of the Finance Industry

Taking a break from coronavirus-related news, it appears as if social justice warriors and their idiotic ideas have now fully and completely infiltrated the finance industry.

I say this because of recent news from The Post Millennial, which supports my point:

“NASDAQ, the second largest stock exchange company in the world, filed a proposal with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on Tuesday for new diversity regulations that would directly impact the makeup of executive teams in over 3,200 American companies. Companies that would refuse to participate could find themselves delisted.”

Just imagine that. Companies will have to intentionally assemble their leadership team to have at least one woman and at least one individual from a “minority” group, i.e. LGBTQ individuals or “ethnically diverse” individuals. And yes, this information must be publicly disclosed, explaining how they have complied with the rules… OR why they have not complied yet.

And as The Post Millennial points out, 75% of all companies listed on the NASDAQ do not meet the standards being put forth by the proposal. 

Unbelievable… imagine the world’s most cut-throat and productive industry falling victim to leftist manipulation and disinformation tactics. Prioritizing inherent features over competency, results, and experience leads to nothing but failure, in-fighting, and overall disappointment.

But hey, at least we now have equality!

What do YOU think about this news from the NASDAQ? Should public and private companies be forced to artificially change the composition of their executive leadership teams to satisfy diversity quotas? Reply to this newsletter and let us know how you feel about this issue!


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