I am the world’s nicest driver – but in an SUV I am treated like a pariah | Adrian Chiles


I enjoy the camaraderie between motorists, so it was a nasty shock to find myself shunned when I took my friend’s BMW X5 for a spin

I always need to be liked; the opposite is too difficult to bear. All the best therapists say this way of thinking is seriously suboptimal, but there you go. This feeling is so ingrained that I even take it on the road with me, literally. I am the most accommodating driver ever. I am always letting people in with a cheery wave, often to the annoyance of my passengers and doubtless the motorists stuck behind me. A true saint among drivers.

I loved driving lorries for my dad’s scaffold company, many moons ago. The code of pleasantries between lorry drivers is a wonderful thing and I wanted as much of it as possible. When overtaking another lorry, the driver would flash you in when it was safe to move back into the lane. I would then flash my hazard lights to convey my gratitude for their assistance. Naturally, I would provide the same service when I was being overtaken. Sweet.

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