The NEW World War 3: Pro-Vax vs. Anti-Vax


It seems as if America is divided in exactly half on the subject of making COVID-19 vaccinations mandatory. No matter which institution or industry you look at, a fight is brewing beneath the surface and there can only be one winner. 

Just take a look at what the Financial Times wrote yesterday, already showing a sharp contrast in perspectives within the first few paragraphs:

“A straw poll of the leaders of some of America’s largest companies last week found strong support for vaccine mandates, with 71% of the 150 chief executives at a Yale School of Management summit saying that vaccination should be required at work. 

Similarly, the Society for Human Resource Management reported on Friday that 61% of its members plan to ‘encourage’ employees to get the vaccine and 38% see vaccination as ‘very necessary’ for their organization’s sustainability. 

But a CNBC/SurveyMonkey poll of more than 9,000 US workers showed more wariness among employees, with 41% saying they oppose requirements that everyone at their workplaces be vaccinated before they can return to work in person, including a quarter who say they ‘strongly’ reject the idea.”

It’s not just your average office or startup that has this problem – even in our very own medical institutions, healthcare workers are strongly divided between taking or refusing the COVID-19 vaccines. 

ZeroHedge recently compiled several instances in America alone where hospital employees are turning down the COVID-19 vaccine…

In Howard University Hospital in Washington, DC, only 600 of the 1,900 employees have signed up to get the vaccine (an internal poll conducted in November showed that 70% of employees were unwilling to get vaccinated, at least refusing to take it immediately after release).

And in Doctors Hospital in Edinburg, Texas, COVID-19 vaccine doses had to be offered to other employees within the city because too many of their OWN workers refused to get vaccinated. Put another way, they didn’t get enough people taking the COVID-19 vaccine for their workplace to be deemed safe for patients. 

There is undeniably a lot of disinformation and a shocking lack of trust around this subject. 

However, what makes COVID-19 vaccines polarizing to talk about isn’t the lack of long-term safety data or concerns about how it will affect people. The polarizing part comes from being UNABLE to have a rational conversation about these subjects without being labeled as an anti-vaccine conspiracy theorist. 

If you dare bring up this subject to 99% of doctors, healthcare workers, or even the press, you will have your life destroyed. People will send you threatening messages, call your employer to put your job status into question, and do everything in their power to ruin your credibility. 

Almost as if something is intentionally trying to be hidden from the public eye, or the people in charge of promoting the COVID-19 vaccine are irrationally emotional. I’m willing to bet it’s a healthy mix of both. 

But I’m curious to know: Would YOU be okay with your healthcare provider not getting the COVID-19 vaccine? Why or why not? Reply to this newsletter and let us know how you feel about this controversial topic!

Get Ready for “Thoughtcrime” to Be Persecuted by the Authorities…

You’ve probably watched the movie Minority Report at least once in your lifetime, or at least have heard and understood the main premise of the book. All about a dystopian society where crime can be “prevented” ahead of time through sophisticated technology that can somehow see into the future. 

And thanks to the advances made in artificial intelligence, the movie may no longer be a movie. Perhaps, just like The Matrix, it was a chilling fictional documentary of the future we are headed towards. 

The University of Sheffield claims to have created an AI algorithm that can anticipate your likelihood of sharing the “wrong” type of information on Twitter… the type of info frequently debunked by paid fact-checkers and mainstream news outlets. 

ZeroHedge broke this story and summarized the findings of the researchers who analyzed roughly 6,200 users on Twitter and their total of ~1 million Tweets:

“[The algorithm] can accurately predict (79.7%) which Twitter users are likely to share content from unreliable news sources before they actually do it.

Twitter users who spread disinformation mostly tweet about politics or religion.

Twitter users who share disinformation use impolite language more frequently than users who share reliable news sources.

[The algorithm] can help social media platforms to prevent the spread of fake news at the user level, complementing existing fact-checking methods that work on the post or the news source level.

Scary stuff! I don’t want to live in a world where other people decide what I can and can’t post before I’ve had a conscious thought, and quite frankly, neither do you…

Joe Biden: “Tens of Thousands of Americans Will Die, Even WITH the Vaccine!”

The supposed President-Elect Joe Biden hasn’t even stepped foot in the White House and he’s already proving to be a disastrous choice for getting America out of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is very apparent by comments he publicly made yesterday in Wilmington, Delaware, as reported by CNBC:

“President-elect Joe Biden on Tuesday urged Americans to remain ‘vigilant’ over the holidays, adding that Pfizer’s and Moderna’s coronavirus vaccines likely won’t stop the deaths of ‘tens of thousands’ people due to the pandemic in the months to come.

The vaccines, which are currently in short supply in the US, ‘won’t be able to stop [~3,000 COVID-19 deaths per day.’”

So let me get this straight… after all of the endless toil to create TWO COVID-19 vaccines that are now FDA-approved (the fact that they were rushed is another story), we’ll still be in the sh*t of a global health crisis? We’ll still have to make face masks mandatory, destroy small businesses nation-wide, and spend the rest of our days working remotely? 

I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to think the vaccines were nothing more than a tool for giving people false hope. 

However, I am curious to hear your thoughts: Will the COVID-19 vaccines alone be enough to stop the pandemic? Or will we need a completely different approach to defeating this awful virus? Reply to this newsletter and let us know what you think should be done instead!

Will Pfizer’s and Moderna’s COVID-19 Vaccines Work Against the Newest Mutation!?

As you already know, there is a brand-new mutation of the coronavirus called “B117” making its rounds through the United Kingdom. One which is believed to spread 70% more rapidly than the original strain, and was more than enough to force the entire country into the most restrictive lockdown conditions possible. 

Naturally, we have the COVID-19 vaccines to fix this problem. Except they were specifically made to combat the ORIGINAL strain and we have absolutely no clue if it will be equally effective against B117. 

Both Pfizer and Moderna have publicly stated they will spend the next few weeks testing their vaccines to see if they can effectively defeat B117, although no guarantees can be made. If it works, great! If it doesn’t, it’s back to the drawing board to create a brand new vaccine. 

I can’t imagine a world where people will have to get vaccinated EVERY year (if not more) whenever a new mutated strain of COVID-19 appears. More rushed experimental drugs injected into our bodies, and more billions in profits for the companies making the drugs. 

As much as I hate to say it, the next 10 years will be the greatest money-making decade for Big Pharma and there’s not a damn thing we can do about it…


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