Do you even remember 2020?! Do our quiz of the year quiz | First Dog on the Moon

18237500 - businessman hand pointing to investment as concept
"Even though the year started with terrible bushfires it still seems like it was a simpler time. Who doesn't hold a hose?"
"Donald Trump is finished! Or is he?"
"A bored palaeontologist was rummaging through the drawers at the American Museum of Natural History when he found some large bones. It was a..."
"Which of these statements about bats is a filthy anti-bat lie?"
That was a guano of a year wasn’t it. A lot of people didn’t have a good 2020 but some did! Was it…


One cartoon this year suggested some nice things folks might do help them cope with Covid lockdown. Which is my personal favourite suggestion?
This year Brenda the civil disobedience penguin engaged in loads of different wildly unsuccessful civil disobedience which was the most successful?

This one – a number of coal enthusiasts were annoyed

"Bandicoot facts! Which of the following outlandish statements about bandicoots is untrue?"


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