Country diary: a fantasy escape for when lockdown ends


Plynlimon Fawr, Ceredigion: Ascending the highest peak in the Cambrian mountains offers views of expansive valleys and moorland lakes

What will I do when (not before) lockdown’s over? I’ll pack a small tent, a sleeping bag, a stove, and – depending on how much rain there’s been recently – will make my way to the north side of Pumlumon, the highest point in the Cambrian mountains.

“The grand Plynlimon” is how writer and traveller George Borrow’s guide described it to his eccentric client in 1854. From the north, the epithet is fitting. Windfarms that mar the southerly summit views are hidden from here. I’ll pitch camp on a small grassy shelf above the confluence pool of the Hengwm and Hyddgen streams – my favourite wild site in Wales.

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