The Spin | The Essex village cricket club going in to bat against climate crisis


Eight Ash Green have been concerned about their carbon footprint for years. This summer they hope to spread the word

With 2020 the joint hottest year on record, extreme weather events stoking up and a plethora of bad new stories in he past few weeks – the Greenland ice sheet on the edge of a major tipping point, threats to global food production and a drastic drop in Arctic wildlife population – the climatic situation is grim. It’s a wet dog and humanity is following-on, against Darren Stevens.

Last week, the BBC ran a project called Sport 2050. The idea was to raise awareness of how the climate crisis is projected to change sport in the next three decades. Its brief was wide, ranging from the existential threat to winter sports to footballer Eric Dier’s vegetable garden. Cricket had a high profile, because of its unique exposure to the swiftly shifting weather.

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