LED streetlights are far from eco-friendly | Letter


LED streetlights are far from eco-friendly

Dr John Lincoln sheds light on the harm they can cause to humans and the environment

LED streetlights along a rural road in Oxfordshire.


Last modified on Thu 26 Aug 2021 13.28 EDT

Why are LED streetlights labelled “eco-friendly” just because they use marginally less electricity than their predecessors (LED streetlights decimating moth numbers in England, 25 August)?

Reading your article about their impact on insects, bats and other wildlife, I would have thought “eco-destructive” would be more appropriate, particularly as they are not recyclable and the mining and processing of rare earth metals required for their manufacture is environmentally devastating.

They aren’t too friendly to humans either. Many people contact our charity, LightAware, to complain about how they make health problems, such as migraine, much worse.
Dr John Lincoln
Trustee, LightAware


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