‘A bubble of utopia’: inside the occupied building that housed activists during Cop26 – video


Activists in Glasgow have filmed a brief look inside the restored disused building in which they housed climate justice campaigners visiting the city for the Cop26 summit that might not have had a safe shelter during the two-week event.

The people staying in Baile Hoose, a former homelessness services unit, said their main concern was the housing crisis in the city. Fox and Skye, the environmentalists who spoke to us, wanted to thank the Green Anticapitalist Front, the Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh and everyone who supported the group during the summit.

A Glasgow city council spokesperson said: ‘The former Hamish Allan Centre has been closed for years and the building is not safe for human habitation. There are concerns about fire safety and possible asbestos.

‘It was shut down as it did not provide acceptable accommodation at that time and the residents moved to more appropriate properties. The council did not provide access to the building and it’s concerning that people have moved in’


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