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Norfolk road report rewritten to remove warning of risk to bats

An ecological report revealing that a new road would imperil one of Britain's rarest mammals was rewritten to remove the warning. The proposed Western Link...

Country diary: frustrated toads could do with a helping hand

Buxton, Derbyshire: A two-metre wall is the most obvious obstacle to mating. But at least we can do something about thatMuch as I love...

Cargo ship sailors press-ganged into keeping the world’s trade afloat

Thomas Stapley-Bunten was due to finish his contract aboard the Al Shamal, a huge cargo ship carrying liquid natural gas, early last month. The...

Be a citizen scientist: track plastic waste, spot a spider monkey or beat coronavirus

People feeling time hang heavy as they struggle with the restrictions of the lockdown may find an unexpected green uplift in the midst of...

‘It’s good for the soul’: the mini rewilders restoring UK woodland

Tamara and Steve Davey cannot help but grin at the suggestion they are "miniature rewilders". Standing proudly in the weak sunlight on the fringes...