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Country diary: life flourishes among the skeletons of scuttled steamships

The wrecks protrude from the water on both sides of the causeway: the ruins of steamships, intentionally sunk in the narrow straits between small...

UK butterfly season off to unusually early start after sunniest of springs

Record-breaking sunshine has encouraged midsummer butterflies to emerge unusually early, with dozens of species appearing a month before their usual flight season. Butterflies that usually...

‘Shell shock’: Kangaroo Island struggles to recover amid bushfire grief and Covid-19

Six months after the catastrophic bushfires that scorched half of Kangaroo Island, the land around Andrew and Bec Bennett's home has slowly begun to...

Bristol reveals plans to pedestrianise historic centre in Covid-19 revamp

A scheme to turn part of Bristol's historic centre into a pedestrian-only zone within months has been set out as part of plans to...

40,000 trees face felling by National Trust after surge in ash dieback

Woods that inspired Beatrix Potter and John Constable could be lost because of a surge in a disease affecting ash, the National Trust has...